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Harry Belafonte Blasts Bush in Venezuela

The outspoken and courageous singer and activist Harry Belafonte recently lead a delegation to Venezuela in support of Hugo Chavez that included Princeton University Professor, Cornel West and Actor, Danny Glover. The delegation meet with President Chavez for 6 hours on Saturday, January 7th and then appeared on the President’s national radio and television broadcast on Sunday.

During the visit Belafonte expressed solidarity with the people of Venezuela and told a crowd that “millions of American” also support Chavez and his “socialist revolution”. Belafonte has been an outspoken critic of the Bush Administration and in particular Collin Powell and Condi Rice. Belafonte admonished the Bush Administration for trying to overthrow the Chavez administration and called President Bush "the greatest terrorist in the world". Belafonte went on to critisize mainstream corporate media for it's unfair and incidious portrayal of Chavez.

Chavez expressed solidarity for the struggles of people of African descent in the United States and Venezuela and reiterated his own administration's commitment to ending discrimination at home.

According to Chavez accuses Bush of trying to overthrow him, pointing to intelligence documents released by the U.S. indicating that the CIA knew beforehand that dissident officers planned a short-lived 2002 coup. The U.S. denies involvement, but Chavez says Venezuela must be on guard.

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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ethnic Cleansing of the Lower 9th Ward? - Residents of New Orleans 9th Ward Go Head to Head with Demolition Crews

Residents of New Orleans’ severely devastated Lower 9th Ward where called into action last week as a demolition crew contracted by Mayor Nagin’s Administration tried to begin bulldozing homes. This was in violation of the city’s pledge and court sanctioned agreement not to begin any such action until after the case for residents was heard in Civil District Court.

Attorney for 9th Ward residents, Tracie Washington working on behalf of the People’s Hurricane Relief Fund and Oversight Committee placed herself between angry residents and demolition contracts and stop them in their tracks. Next Washington will go to federal court to ask a judge to stop the action altogether citing a law that prohibits the destruction of personal property without the consent of the owner.

Many residents have not yet returned to the 9th Ward however vigilant neighbors are protecting their belongings. Since the disaster the city of New Orleans has not developed any clear plan for determining which homes will be demolished until today. According to the New Orleans Times Picayune, the city release a list on Jan. 5th of more than 1,900 homes it says are in imminent danger of collapse, most of which are in the Lower 9th Ward, but as of yet there is no word on whether there are current plans to still demolish those 1900 homes.

It many seem to outsiders that demolition is the only logical action, but for the residents of the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans it constitutes ethnic cleansing. Some might suggest that the term “ethnic cleansing” is hyperbole in this situation but what else can it be called? When people’s property and ancestral homes are destroyed and they are prevented from continuing their lives in New Orleans. What would it be called when the cultural and political ramifications of the razing the homes of the Lower 9th Ward would result in a new ethnic and class majority in the city? New Orleans has the oldest community of African-Americans in the country. Many families have roots that go back more than three hundred years--preceding the Louisiana Purchase. Let the picture on the left serve as a reminder of how and why we got to New Orleans.

To stay informed on the progress or lack there of in the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans visit

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Monday, January 09, 2006

"Bling Bling" The DRC and Our Other Shiny Things

The same old story of currupt multi-nationals and politicians threaten more genocide - Since 1998 more than 3.3 million people, mostly woman and children have died and yet the Congo remains the forgotten conflict. This time it’s our other shiny things that are causing Africa problems. It’s the same old story of greedy multi-national corporations after Africa’s resources. This time it is spurred on by a sudden increase in the price for Congo’s new “black gold”, coltan [columbite-tantalite (Fe,Mn)(Ta,Nb)2O6] a variable blend of iron. Because of its super-conductive properties it is essential in the manufacture of our cell phones, laptops, nuclear reactors and other technological marvels to which we have become so accustomed. This enormous worldwide demand for consumer electronics put a strain on the supply of tantalite ore. Prices soared to hundreds of dollars per kilogram. Coltan is so completely integrated into our everyday lives that it is virtually impossible to boycott.

There have over the past few years been several UN Panels that have published reports on the unethical and criminal practices of several multi-national corporations engaged in mining or purchasing these minerals. One report found that 85 companies had violated international norms [what ever those are?], including the Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises promulgated by the Paris-based Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in connection with their purchase of key natural resources from parties engaged in fighting in the DRC. The UN Panel called on governments to place financial restrictions on 29 of the companies and impose travel restrictions and other sanctions against more than 50 specific individuals. In January, 2003 the Security Council approved a resolution strongly condemning the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the DRC and demanding that all governments act immediately to end those abuses however they continue to do so even now some three years later.

On a local level what usually happens is different groups begin to vie for control of the areas where the coltan can be found by any means necessary including conflict. With abject poverty as the motivator thousands of men rushed to the jungle to mine coltan and constant conflict ensues as different groups fight for the richest ground to mine. At the conflict's height, at least seven foreign armies were involved in the war in the DRC.

Yes, it is a familiar story. We could in fact take the DRC out of this story and replace it with Sierra Leone, Liberia or Angola. The weak, elderly, women and child are forced into refugee camps and camps for internally displaced people. This leaves very few opportunities for the weak, women and children to work and prostitution [female, male and child] becomes an important part of the economy and spreads the AIDS virus. The mining destroys the land, ruining it for further agricultural or pastoral use, destroying the habitats of local wildlife and forcing the population to use wildlife as a source of constant food. Since 1998 it has been estimated that at least 3.3 million people have died in the Congo and more that 2.5 million people have been forces from their homes because of conflict in the Congo. Yet we hear nothing about this genocide. It seems to be a circular problem of reoccurring devastation as soon as the world stops looking.

Because of the mineral rich area’s proximity to neighboring countries like Rwanda and Uganda it also gives incentive for raiding from those countries. Of course the instigators and opportunists multi-nationals, support these conflicts by trading weapons and cash for coltan as the governments [western and eastern] that have jurisdiction over the affairs of these companies and their business practices turn a blind eye. With lots of money to spread around for political control, government officials, politicians, and military commanders forget their fiduciary responsibilities and special interests rule the people. The corruption of unrestricted capitalism poisons any possibility for stable independent good governance [democratic or otherwise] by the indigenous population how can we make sure that we [because what hurts any one of us, hurts us all] are not being exploited in the process.

If we can buy products for our bodies and hair with “No animal experimentation” on the label we should be able to make a purchasing choice knowing that no human beings have been exploited. We at Rootznews are not saying that everyone should stop using cell phones and laptops but we are saying that they are not worth the destruction of Africa. We can start by not living for the “Bling Bling” things in life. You can’t eat, drink or breathe them. They only have value because we give them value. We need to know that minerals are fairly traded and people’s lives have not been exploited for our convenience and luxury. According to Lancet Medical Journal 38,000 people a month are dying in the DRC.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Promises, Promises: The Shameful Response to Hurricane Katrina Continues

Nearly three months after the devastation suffered in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, residents have still not received the assistance they need to return to their communities. On Dec 10, 2005 the citizens of New Orleans rallied to demand their rights to return to their homes.

Several organizations including the New Black Panther Party, N’COBRA, the Millions More Movement, New York Solidarity Committee, the Million Worker March Movement, the Mississippi Workers Center for Human Rights and many more have combined their efforts to assist residents and created a coalition to investigate and create some oversight into the distribution of relief be it financial or otherwise.

The residents of New Orleans are not happy with the help they have received to date and have accused FEMA of racism and The Red Cross of corruption. Organizer and resident Malcolm Suber remarked to a crown outside New Orleans City Hall, “This government left us here to starve and to die. We are here to stand up and fight to ensure we get what we deserve”.

While the government has purportedly allocated billions of dollars for “citizens” affected by the hurricane, FEMA has not yet come to their aid and threatens to cut off aid it has provided in the form of trailers in the near future. Yet some how the Bush Administration had the hubris to re-hire the incompetent, callous FEMA boss Michael Brown as a consultant, and pay him the same salary he would have made had he not been fired. So anyone out there that thinks Kanye West was hasty in making the statement heard round the world, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people” think again. Kanye West had amazing insight and clarity when he made that passionate statement.

On December 6th at congressional hearings angry residents described being trapped in temporary shelters where one New Orleans resident said she was “one sunrise from being consumed by maggots and flies.” Another woman said military troops focused machine gun laser targets on her granddaughter’s forehead. Others said their families were called racial epithets by police. But when Congressionman Shays (R) Conn. accused the grandmother that testified about the machine gun incident and Dyan Cole French "Momma D" of being disingenuous and "speeching in tougues" when she described hearing an explotion prior to the breach of the 17th Street levy the debate got very heated. The soft tone of Congressman Shays' voice did not hide the venom and racism in his statements. Go to C-Span by clicking on this title "Challenges Facing African-American Evacuees from Hurricane Katrina". If the hyperlink on the title doesn't work cut and paste the title here and put it into C-Span's search engine otherwise you won't be able to find it and watch this chilling hearing. You'll think they're testifying about 1955 and Jim Crow was in full effect when you hear the indignities they were made to endure as people of African decent. Watch Momma D put Congressmen Shays and Miller to shame.

Perhaps this is why residents are now shouting racism and genocide at FEMA and the Bush administration and setting up their own organizations for oversight on any funds that where supposed to be for the residents of New Orleans. However, we would be remise if did not point out that other organizations such as the The Red Cross, which raised millions for hurricane victims, that have not lived up to the challenge of providing relief. The Red Cross was one of the prime sources of public and private donations for hurricane relief. Celebrities and performers from all over the world used television, radio and the Internet to raise money for Red Cross relief—so what happened? Show us the money!

Clearly the response in the distant aftermath is as negligent, callous and hypocritical as the response in the immediate aftermath of hurricane Katrina. Our politicians, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, state and local politicians have no power in the one party state that we have become.

As usual the White man giveth with one hand and taketh away with the other. They are using the same “corruption” argument they use for not providing promised aid to New Orleans that they've used in developing countries in Africa, South America and Asia and have the arrogance to refuse aid from Venezuela and Cuba. They keep talkin’ about the money, but as usual, it ain’t comin’ and power concedes nothing without a demand!

We at Rootznews advise anyone wanting to assist the residents of New Orleans and the Gulf not to donate to any organization that has not proven to be a true advocate of the victims of hurricane Katrina. You can visit to get more information on how to help but as we have said before on this site we need a plan for our future. A plan for survival in the new millennium.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Stanley “Tookie” Williams (1953 – 2005)

“An innocent man died today”, was the cry of the witnesses to Stanley “Tookie” Williams execution as they left the execution chamber at San Quentin Prison in California. Tookie could have easily admitted to the crimes he was convicted and kept his life, but he chose to go to his death rather than admit to crimes he did not commit.

For those of you who are not sure who Stanley “Tookie” Williams was, he was purported to be a co-founder of the notorious Crips gang, which originated in Los Angeles. Many of us might know him because actor Jamie Fox gave a brilliant performance as Tookie in the film “Redemption”. Tookie’s execution was carried out in the wee hours of December 13, 2005, which coincidentally happened to be the birthday of Jamie Fox. We are sorry it's such a sad day for all of us.

Rootznews believes that there was sufficient evidence to stay the execution of Stanley "Tookie" Williams, but the Governor of California; Arnold Schwazenegger (or the Terminator) killed his first real man. This was no movie. It was no joke, no "quiet on the set". It was a real human being that deserved a chance to prove his innocence. If anyone knows anything about the Crips Gang it is that they were an organization grounded in making money and they had plenty of it. So what was Tookie doing robbing a convenience store and burglarizing a home?

Tookie’s supports have vowed to continue their fight to prove Tookie’s innocence. A man that truly showed the world what redemption was all about. Ironically, the infamous Charles Manson who has admitted to mass murder sits in a California prison and will never be executed for his crimes.

Friday, December 02, 2005

"Bling Bling" The Trouble with Lion Mountain

When Sierra Leone was returned to the control of the diamond monopoly in 1998, it was far from the end of the story for the people. The struggle to break free from successive governments that has been co-opted by the monopoly is still in the hearts and minds of those in Sierra Leone who truly know what “The Trouble with Lion Mountain” is. The trouble with Lion Mountain is that all of its old guard politicians have been cooped and corrupted by the diamond monopoly [or what ever they choose to call themselves].

The two major ruling parties of the country have since independence dominated the political landscape of the country. Now as the 2007 presidential election approaches, it seems that the country is no longer willing to settle for the corruption and cronyism that has long plagued the country and they are searching for an alternative. It has been almost eight years since the Civil War was declared over yet the country still suffers from chronic poverty, no viable infrastructure, no opportunity for the country’s youth and a government that is infected with corruption. In a recent visit to Sierra Leone by the Secretary General of the UN, Kofi Annan, he reiterated the need to combat the underlying issues that caused the war in the first place. It’s to bad that he didn’t call on the monopoly to do more for the country. But then Kofi is still in the doghouse for disagreeing with Bush/Blair cabal about the war in Iraq and diplomacy keeps him from identifying the true culprits and those most responsible for corruption in Sierra Leone even though he knows the truth.

Well, we now see a population in Sierra Leone that is not very happy with the progress made by the ruling party since the end of the war and the signs of trouble are being to percolate. The country is still mired in poverty and the monopoly is still mired in avarice, still taking away this small country’s greatest resource and giving back absolutely nothing, not even helping the amputees who deserve a trust fund as recommended by the truth commission. I wonder just how many people would be chanting “Bling Bling” or “Diamond Is Forever” if their advertisers posted pictures of people with no arms and legs in their ads. It is ironic that a product marketed as the ultimate symbol of love is actually the ultimate symbol of death and despair in Africa.

The two major mining towns in the southern and eastern provinces of Sierra Leone, Bo and Koidu have always been a litmus test of the political climate in the country. Bo has also long been considered the stronghold of the current ruling party the SLPP. However lately it seems that another party has emerged in an attempt to break free of successive governments and political parties that have been corrupted by the monopoly. A new political party the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) a largely youth based constituency headed by Charles Margai seems to have a strong foothold in the town of Bo. In addition, the town residents seem to be disenchanted or at least considering parting with the ruling party’s candidate for President, the current Vice President, Solomon Berewa. Apparently there was some trouble in Bo Town when a group of supports from Margai’s PMDC surrounded the Vice-President’s car in the center of town, which proved to be very embarrassing for the Vice-President. The Vice-President believed they meant him bodily harm and has charged Margai with attempted assassination, but we contend that if that was what they wanted they would have done so. There were perhaps 6000 or 7000 PMDC supports that could have easily overpowered the Vice-President and his security if they wanted to do so. Heaven know that Berewa’s supports are notorious for mob violence. Berewa on the other hand is still reeling from the embarrassment of being accosted in his stronghold of Bo. We at Rootznews think Berewa might be a little paranoid. He’s been such a wicked and vengeful man that he should have been tense and fearful that his wicked deeds might come back and bit him in the butt. Lucky for Berewa the PMDC were not violence and vengeful like Berewa’s and his party thugs. Eventually, Berewa and his security all left the scene safely. However, a short time later Margai was arrested by the police along with a few others followers. He was later released on bail when it seemed that the entire town might explode into a violent confrontation that the police in the town were not equip to handle.

We will remember that is was Vice-President, Solomon Berewa [then the Attorney General] who reminded everyone that the death penalty was part of Sierra Leone’s colonial history and something to be proud of just before the mass execution of the “Freetown 24” [even though Sierra Leone’s colonial master has long since abolished the death penalty as inhuman and barbaric]. It is this kind of leader, a leader that has been cooped by multi-national corporations like the monopoly and imperialist governments that are the problem in Africa. They have created no opportunity for youth because they could not care less about Africa’s youth. They care only about the bottom line— their own personal profit.

The second incident that presented itself this month was the hit and run murder of a young bike rider in the diamond rich eastern province town of Koidu in the Kono District. Apparently the young man’s fellows from the Bike Riders Association heard rumors that it was a vehicle belonging to the non-government organization (NGO) Worldvision that hit the young man. The bike riders in a rage proceeded to attack the compound of Worldvision looting all property in the compound and burned three of the NGO’s vehicle before the true culprit a Lebanese diamond dealers decided to turn himself in at the local police station.

While these two events may not seem to be related what they show is that tension is building among the population, especially the youth who are feeling hopeless again. In the seven years since the end of the war there are still just as few opportunities as there were before the war. The only hope for any young person of modest means is to slave away in the diamond pits for a cup of rice a day. It is therefore natural to see a population unhappy with the status quo in government.

The monopoly and the other multi-national companies mining rutile, bauxite and other minerals in Sierra Leone have made many promises that of course have not been delivered. The country is still lacking the basic necessities we in the developed world take for granted. These recent acts of what we at Rootznews would call displaced aggression are the product of the oppression the people of Africa have long suffered from.

We at Rootznews will be paying very close attention to the upcoming elections in Sierra Leone, which promise to be very interesting as other new political parties emerge for the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections. We are hopeful that this election will be peaceful and free the majority of people from the virtual slavery the monopoly has placed them under thereby preventing any further conflict from occurring.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Save Tookie Williams

For those of you who are not sure who Stanley “Tookie” Williams is, he is purported to be a co-founder of the notorious Crips gang, which originated in Los Angeles. Many of us might know him because actor Jamie Fox gave a brilliant performance as Tookie in the film “Redemption”. If you haven’t seen the film find it and watch, but please do it before it is too late. Tookie’s execution is scheduled for December 13, 2005, which coincidentally happens to be the birthday of Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox says, “The only present I want from the Governor is Clemeny for Stan Tookie Williams.

Whether or not Tookie committed the crimes for which he was convicted is not a concern for us at Rootznews. What is of concern is that the death penalty in the United States is used disproportionately on people of African decent and with the development of DNA evidence it has come to light that many African-Americans on deathrow and already executed did not commit the crimes for which they were sentenced to death. Yet the infamous Charles Manson who has admitted to mass murder sits in a California prison and will never be executed for his crimes and they have the nerve to try and send another African-American to death. Their excuse is a legal technicality in that the death penalty was not in use at the time of Manson sentence. But we do not want to hear it at Rootznews. If a beast like Charles Manson can live out his natural life in prison than so can Noble Prize Nominee Stanley “Tookie” Williams. You know if Charles Manson were an African they'd have quartered him before his trial.

To this day Tookie maintains his innocence of the crimes he was accused. He faced racial discrimination throughout his trial, as have many other African-Americans in a court system that has consistently done so against people of African decent. The prosecutor in Tookie's original case removed three African-American jurors from his jury. During Stan's trial, this prosecutor made stealthy racial remarks in his closing argument, comparing Stan during the trial to a Bengal tiger in the zoo and stating that a black community - South Central Los Angeles - was equivalent to the natural "habitat" of a Bengal Tiger.

Because there have been so many mistakes and erroneous conviction many states have either abolished or called for moratoriums on the use of the death penalty. Many innocent people have gone to their deaths and no matter how many were truly guilty of their crimes, one innocent person is too many. As of April 2002, 100 people on deathrow were declared not guilty with the help of DNA evidence. That is too many mistakes to continue with this barbaric practice. Every other so-called developed nation in the world has abolished the death penalty as cruel and barbaric. Now it is time for us to do the same. To Governor Schwarzenegger we say that not even in his home country of Austria do they execute human beings. To Marie Shriver we say, remember that you are a Kennedy and we urge you to prevail upon your husband to do the right thing and grant clemency to Stanley “Tookie” Williams.

All around the world it’s the same song. Another African on his way to an untimely death. This time it’s Tookie Williams, but next time it could be your son or daughter, brother or sister , husband or wife,father or mother. It matters not that he was nominated for a Noble Prize. It matters not that he has spent the greater part of his life discouraging young people from joining gangs. It matters not that he has never admitted guilt for the crimes that sent him to deathrow. If given clemency Tookie Williams will not go free, he will spend the rest of his life behind bars for those of you who believe that he is in fact guilty. Go to and sign to petition to save Stanley “Tookie” Williams and show the world that Americans will finally take the moral high ground and stop this barbaric practice altogether.

Thousands of people stand outside San Quentin prison in California were Tookie Williams is on deathrow and the hours to his scheduled execution draw near. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Whitney Houston and many others have come out to help Tookie. Please go to the website and let Stanley Tookie Williams know that we want him to live.

Salvaguarda a vida Stanley "Tookie" Williams

Para os de vocês que não são certos que Stanley "Tookie" Williams é, é pretendido para de ser co-fondateur do bando notório de Crips, que proveio em Los Angeles. Um bom número entre nós força conhece-o parce que Jamie Fox de actor deu uma execução brilhante como Tookie no filme "Resgate". Se não vir o filme encontrá-lo e mostr-o-ar, mas fazem-no se agrada-vos antes que estiver demasiado atrasado. _ execução Tookie ser programar para 13 de Dezembro de 2005, que se revelar precisamente coincidentemente ser aniversário Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox indica, "o único presente que quero do governador sou Clemeny para Stan Tookie Williams."

Se Tookie cometer os crimes pelos quais foi condenado não é uma preocupação para nós em Rootznews. É referido é que a penalidade de morte aos Estados Unidos é empregada de uma maneira desproporcionada sobre pessoas de decente Africano e com o desenvolvimento da evidência de ADN emergiu que muitos AfroAmericanos sobre o deathrow e já executados não cometeram os crimes pelos quais foram condenados à morte. No entanto Charles Manson infâme que admitiu ao assassinato de massa descansa-se numa prisão da Califórnia e nunca será executado para os seus crimes e eles tem o nervo para tentar e enviar outro Afro-Americano à morte. A sua desculpa é um tecnicismo legal porque a penalidade de morte não era em serviço à hora de frase de Manson. Mas não queremos entender-o em Rootznews. Se um animal como Charles Manson pode viver fora da sua vida normal em prisão que assim o bidáo de lucro profissional nobre Stanley "Tookie" Williams.

Até agora Tookie mantem a sua inocência dos crimes que foi acusado. Fez face discriminação à racial em qualquer sua prova, como têm muito outros AfroAmericanos num sistema de tribunal que fez uniformemente assim contra pessoas de decente Africano. Procureur no caso original de Tookie retirou três jurados afroamericanos do seu júri. Durante a prova de Stan, este procureur fez observações raciais furtivas no seu argumento de encerramento, comparando Stan durante a prova um tigre da Bengala no jardim zoológico e declarando que uma comunidade preta - Los Angeles central do Sul - era equivalente ao "habitat" normal de um tigre da Bengala.

Dado que houve assim muitos erros e convicção incorrecta que muitos estados suprimiram ou reclamaram moratórias sobre a utilização da penalidade de morte. Muitas pessoas inocentes foram nos seus falecimentos e de qualquer modo muito eram realmente culpado dos seus crimes, uma pessoa inocente é um elevado número. Em data de Abril de 2002,.100 pessoas sobre o deathrow eram vontade não culpada confessada a ajuda da evidência de ADN. É os demasiado erros continuar esta prática. Cada outra pretendidas nação desenvolvida no mundo suprimiu a penalidade de morte como cruel e bárbaro. Agora é tempos para de de fazer-nos a mesma coisa. Ao Governador Schwarzenegger dizemos que aquilo não mesmo no seu país de origem da Áustria executam os seres humanos. À Marie Shriver que digo, recorda-me que é Kennedy e convidamo-los a reinar sobre o vosso marido para fazer a boa coisa e para atribuir a clemência Stanley "Tookie" Williams. Muito em redor do mundo é a mesma canção. Outro Africano sobre o seu caminho à uma morte prematura.

Esta vez é Tookie Williams, mas o tempo próximo que poderia ser os mais vossos fios, irmão, marido ou pai. Não importa que ganhou o preço nobre de paz. Não importa que passou a maior parte da sua vida que desencoraja os jovens dos bandos se joignantes. Não importa que nunca não admitiu a culpabilidade para os crimes que enviaram-o ao deathrow. Se a clemência Tookie Williams de elasticidade não for livremente, passará o resto da sua vida de trás barras para os de vocês que crêem que é com efeito culpado. Vão à e sinal de requerer para salvar Stanley "Tookie" Williams e para provar ao mundo que os Americanos terra finalmente tomarão mais elevada moral e pararão esta prática bárbara completamente.

Os milhares de pessoas têm a prisão externa de San Quentin em Califórnia eram Tookie Williams está sobre o deathrow e as horas à sua execução programada aproximam. Célébrités como Snoop Dogg e Whitney Houston e muitos outro que compreende o jaguar de Bianca saíram para ajudar Tookie. Queiram ir ao sítio Web e comunicados Stanley Tookie Williams que queremos que vive.

Protección la vida de Stanley "Tookie" Williams

Para los ustedes que no están seguras que Stanley "Tookie" Williams es, se pretende para que se sea un cofundador de la tropa notoria de Crips, que procedió en Los Ángeles. Buen número de entre nosotros fuerza lo conocen p que Jamie Fox de protagonista dio una ejecución brillante como Tookie en la película "Rescate". Si no vieron la película encontrarlo y la muestran, sino lo hacen si les agradan antes de que sea demasiado tarde. La ejecución de Tookie se programa para 13 de diciembre de 2005, que resultan precisamente coincedentemente son el aniversario de Jamie Fox. Jamie Fox indica, "el único presente que quiero del gobernador soy Clemeny para Stan Tookie Williams."

Si Tookie cometió los crímenes para los cuales se condenó no es una preocupación para nosotros en Rootznews. Lo que se refiere es que la penalización de muerte en los Estados Unidos se emplea de una manera desproporcionada sobre personas de decente Africano y con el desarrollo de la evidencia de ADN ella surgió que muchos Americanos afro sobre el deathrow y ya realizados no cometieron los crímenes para los cuales se condenaron a la muerte. Con todo no se realizará a Charles Manson el infame que admitió al asesinato de masa se descansa en una prisión de la California y nunca para sus crímenes y ellos tienen el nervio para intentar y enviar a otro Americano afro a la muerte. Su excusa es una tecnicidad legal porque la penalización de muerte no estaba en servicio a la hora de frase de Manson. Pero no queremos oírlo en Rootznews. Si un animal como Charles Manson puede vivir fuera de su vida normal en prisión que así la lata de ganancia profesional noble Stanley "Tookie" Williams.

Hasta ahora Tookie mantiene su inocencia de los crímenes que se acusó. Hizo frente a la discriminación racial en toda su prueba, como tienen mucho otros Americanos afro en un sistema de tribunal que hizo uniformemente así contra personas de decente Africano. El fiscal en el caso original de Tookie retiró a tres jurados americanos afro de su jurado. Durante la prueba de Stan, este fiscal hizo observaciones raciales furtivas en su argumento de cierre, comparando Stan durante la prueba a un tigre de Bengala en el zoológico y declarando que una comunidad negra - Los Ángeles central del sur - era equivalente al "hábitat" normal de un tigre de Bengala.

Puesto que hay así muchos errores y convicción incorrecta que muchos Estados suprimieron o solicitaron prórrogas sobre la utilización de la penalización de muerte. Muchas personas inocentes fueron en sus muertes y de todos modos mucho eran realmente culpable de sus crímenes, una persona inocente son un excesivo número. En fecha de abril de 2002,.100 personas sobre el deathrow eran voluntad no culpable reconocida la ayuda de la evidencia de ADN. Es demasiados errores que deben seguirse esta práctica. Cada otra pretendidas nación desarrollada en el mundo suprimió la penalización de muerte como cruel y bárbaro. Ahora ha tiempo para hacernos la misma cosa. Al Gobernador Schwarzenegger decimos que eso no incluso en su país de origen de Austria realizan los seres humanos. A Marie Shriver quien digo, me recuerda que son Kennedy y les invitamos que reine sobre su marido para hacer la buena cosa y para conceder la clemencia a Stanley "Tookie" Williams.

Muy en torno al mundo es la misma canción. Otro Africano sobre su camino a una muerte prematura. Esta vez ha Tookie Williams, pero el pro'ximo tiempo que podría ser sus hijos, hermano, marido o padre. No importa que haya ganado el precio noble de paz. No importa que haya pasado la mayoría de su vida que desalientaba a los jóvenes de las tropas se joignantes. No importa que nunca no haya admitido la culpabilidad para los crímenes que lo enviaron al deathrow. Si la clemencia Tookie Williams de elasticidad no irá libremente, pasará el resto de su vida detrás de barras para los ustedes que creen que es en realidad culpable. Van a y a señal de presentar una petición para salvar a Stanley "Tookie" Williams y para probar del mundo que los Americanos tierra finalmente tomarán más elevada moral y decidirán esta práctica cruel totalmente.

Los millares de personas tienen la prisión exterior de San Quentin en California eran Tookie Williams están sobre el deathrow y las horas a su ejecución programada se acercan. Las celebridades como Snoop Dogg y Whitney Houston y mucho de otros que comprendían al jaguar de Bianca salieron para ayudar a a Tookie. Quiere ir al Website y hechas Stanley Tookie Williams saber que queremos que vive.